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BowelScreen Australia® began as a collaboration between Bowel Cancer Australia and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, with the support of Enterix Australia (manufacturer and accredited pathology laboratory for the InSure® immunochemical test).
People experiencing symptoms or who have a personal/family history of bowel cancer or polyps 

                                                                                   are advised to discuss appropriate screening for the disease with their GP. 

Bowel Cancer facts

  • 1 in 12 Australians are likely to develop bowel cancer in their lifetime.
  • Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer related deaths in Australia (after   lung cancer).
  • Bowel cancer kills around 77 Australians each week.
  • More than 14,000 Australians are diagnosed every year.
  • While bowel cancer kills more Australians each year than breast or prostate cancer, early detection through screening can vastly improve survival rates.
  • If caught in time, 90% of bowel cancer cases can be treated successfully.

Bowel cancer screening every 1 to 2 years is recommended for both men and women -
  • Aged 50 and over
  • With no symptoms
  • With no personal or family history of bowel cancer or polyps. 

The aim of screening is to find any polyps or to find cancer early when it is easier to treat and cure.The BowelScreen Australia kit available in store at Malouf Manly Pharmacy, which is an easy and non-invasive testing process