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Head Lice Treatments

Bug Off

Bug Off products are clinically proven to be effective against head lice and with this range of eliminator and deterrent products, the formula has been specifically constructed to ensure that there is plenty of the active ingredients to attack the head lice and eggs with a “bomb” like effect. They have no chance! Clinical trials of the formulations have shown an overwhelming success rate in removing head lice and their eggs as well as reducing the frequency of infestation. 

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While Malouf Manly Pharmacy stocks a diverse range of Lice Treatment Products including Ego Moov, KP24, Full Marks, Quit Nits, Banlice to name a few, we feature and recommend the Bug Off Head Lice System range as a safe and effective treatment. Call in-store for further information.

The above featured Head Lice treatment is available at this discounted price until 31st January 2018