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Are your eyes sensitive to light, do your eyes fell gritty, do you experience painful or sore eyes, blurred or poor vision? Are your eyes red, watery, tired, itchy or irritated? Do you have gooey eye?

Dry eye syndrome occurs when there aren't enough tears on the front of the eyes. Symptoms include itching, irritation and grittiness. People with dry eyes find it difficult to wear contact lenses. There is no cure, but the symptoms can be minimised. Treatment options include eye drops, gels or ointments, otherwise known as artificial tears.

Malouf Manly Pharmacy has an extensive range of eye care products to support better eye health and to treat various eye conditions and symptoms. We stock a diverse range of Contact Lens Solutions, Eye drops, Eye Gels, Eye Washes to treat a range of eye conditions such as Conjunctivitis, Allergy, Redness, Dry Eye, Tired Eye and various Eye Infections as well as highly recommended Eye Care Supplements to assist and maintain better eye health.
We also stock an extensive stylish range of magnification reading glasses and Sunglasses at very competitive prices. We are a proud stockist of the Venti20 range of reading glasses and Cancer Council Sunglasses.
We always recommend that you book an appointment with your Optometrist, Optician or Ophthalmologist to assess your general eye health or serious eye concerns.
Available at Malouf Manly Pharmacy at these discounted price until 31st October 2018. * conditions apply